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CFD members are involved in many different projects across many countries. The variety of topics covers areas in international economics and development. Every year since the establishment in 2013 CFD collects the information on the publications of its members on the subsequent pages. 


Peer Reviewed Journals


Fire-Sale FDI or Business as Usual?

Alquist, R., Mukherjee, R., and Tesar, L., Journal of International Economics 98, 93-113, 2016.


Does Community Driven Development Improve Inclusiveness in Peasant Organizations? Evidence from Senegal

Arcand, J.-L. and Wagner, N., World Development 78, 105-124, 2016.


A Surplus of Ambitions: Can Europe Rely on Large Primary Surpluses to Solve its Debt Problem?

Eichengreen, B. and Panizza, U., Economic Policy 31(85), 5-49, 2016.


Taxes and International Risk Sharing

Epstein, B., Mukherjee, R. and Ramnath, S., Journal of International Economics 102, 310-326, 2016.


Working Papers


Can Countries Rely on Foreign Saving for Investment and Economic Development?

Cavallo, E.,  Eichengreen, B., and Panizza, U., IHEID Working Paper 07-2016, 2016.


Firm Response to Competitive Shocks: Evidence from Chinas Minimum Wage Policy

Hau, H., Huang, Y., and Wang, G., IHEID Working Paper 08-2016, 2016.


Saving China's Stock Market

Huang, Y., Miao, J., and Wang, P., IHEID Working Paper 09-2016, 2016.


Increasing Trust in the Bank to Enhance Savings: Experimental Evidence from India

Mehrotra, R., Somville, V., and Vandewalle, L., CMI Working Paper 2016:1, 2016.


Policy Papers


Options for Trade, Finance and Development: Getting the Institutions Right 

Arcand, J.-L., E15 Expert Group on Trade, Finance and Development – Policy Options Paper. E15Initiative. Geneva: International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) and World Economic Forum, 2016.


Op Ed and Media


Socially disadvantaged groups and microfinance in India

Baland, J. M., Somanathan, R., and Vandewalle, L., Vox column, 7 February 2016.


Foreign savings: No gain, some pain

Cavallo, E.,  Eichengreen, B., and Panizza, U., Vox column, 8 August 2016.