Since the establishment of the Centre for Finance and Development in 2013, over 35 Master and 14 PhD theses have been completed relating to the centre's research disciplines, supervised by members of the CFD. Below you can find the list of the students who completed their theses by year and their supervising professors.

Theses completed in 2016


PhD Dissertations

Angin, Merih (PhD Political Science)   A Two-Level Principal-Agent Model of IMF Program Design: The Turkish Case, Co-director: Charles Wyplosz
Jacob, Arun (PhD Development Economics)   Three Essays in Development Economics, Supervisors: Jean-Louis Arcand, Ugo Panizza


Master Theses

Gamboa, Alberto (International Economics)   The Bolivian "Church Loan of 1872". Priorities, Majorities, Pari Passu and Other Tales about the Foreign Debt Restructurings in the Age of Victoria, Supervisor: Marc Flandreau
Ren, Wanlin (International Economics)    The Effectiveness of Foreign Exchange Intervention for Emerging Market Economies during the Crisis Period, Supervisor: Cédric Tille
Youkhaw, Tarinee (International Affairs)    South-South Trade in Environmental Goods: Opportunities and Challenges for Thailand's Exports of Renewable Energy Products to ASEAN, Supervisor: Nicolas Berman