Centre for Finance and Development





The Centre for Finance and Development (CFD) serves as a leading international and interdisciplinary exchange platform in finance and development-related topics. These cover access to financial markets in developing countries, alternative sources of funding (microfinance or micro-insurance), international assistance, sustainable development, philanthropy and impact investing.

The Centre aims at strengthening the dialogue and cooperation among academics, international organisations, NGOs, diplomatic missions, financial institutions and the private sector.

CFD also helps building a new generation of professionals able to navigate between private and public development finance by providing expertise and support to the Graduate Institute’s students and researchers specializing in finance and development, and by offering executive education courses to the public and private sectors.

The Centre was created thanks to a generous grant from the Pictet Foundation for Development which finances three Chairs in Finance and Development, currently allocated to Professors Ugo Panizza, Yi Huang and Lore Vandewalle.




Research and Publications

  • Books and articles in leading academic journals
  • Policy briefs
  • CFD Research Paper Series
  • Op-eds and media presence


  • International conferences
  • Series on the Future of Development Finance (in cooperation with the World Bank)
  • High-level public lectures
  • Forum for international financial institutions’ annual reports
  • Technical workshops

…and more

  • Visiting fellows program
  • Coordination of internships for Institute’s students
  • Academic and career support for Institute’s students
  • Logistic support for faculty and students seeking external funding sources

CFD also collaborates with the Graduate Institute's Bilateral Assistance and Capacity Building for Central Banks (BCC) Programme.