Centre for Finance and Development


Harnessing finance to fight poverty

The Centre for Finance and Development (CFD) was established in 2012 thanks to the generous support of the Pictet Foundation for Development.

The CFD has four missions:

  • to contribute to global thinking on the twin topics of finance and development along the three themes international financial flows, domestic finance and financial inclusion;
  • to serve as an international and interdisciplinary exchange platform to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between international organisations, the academic world and the private sector;
  • to encourage the Graduate Institute’s students to focus on Finance and Development-related topics;
  • to help bolster Geneva’s role as a major financial centre.

To accomplish its four missions, the CFD pursues a number of targeted activities. These include:

  • the organisation of international conferences in Geneva and abroad;
  • the creation and consolidation of worldwide networks of academic institutions, private firms and international organisations;
  • the financial, academic and career support of a significant number of Graduate Institute students;
  • the publication of scholarly articles in leading academic journals;
  • the submission of research projects to competitive funding sources;
  • the creation of specialised courses within the Graduate Institute’s department of international economics;
  • the collaboration with international research centres on interdisciplinary ventures;
  • and the hosting of visiting fellows from all over the world.

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