Achim Wennmann

Achim Wennmann
Senior Researcher
Contact: Email:  achim.wennmann (at)
Phone : +41 (0)22 908 58 04
LinkedIn: Achim Wennmann

Dr. Achim Wennmann is an expert in economic perspectives on violent conflict, dispute resolution, and peacebuilding. He is currently working on statebuilding in hybrid political orders, negotiated exits from shadow economies, and conflict prevention in contexts of large scale business investments. Achim has a broad research and advisory experience including intellectual mediation support, research coordination of major projects, and advisory roles for international organizations, government, business, and private foundations. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of Global Governance.

Dr. Wennmann is also Executive Coordinator of the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform (

Field(s) of Interest:
  • Responses to conflict: peace processes, conflict prevention, violence reduction
  • State fragility and hybrid political orders
  • The private sector in complex markets
  • Natural resource management in fragile states
  • Armed groups and conflict financing
  • People-centered security and urban safety in Latin America
Selected Publications

Crossing the new frontier: peace mediation in the city:  An essay discussing the importance of peace mediation in urban spaces and highlighting the need for a shift from law-and-order responses towards a political approach that integrates expertise from various urban actors when dealing with urban violence and crime.


Business and Conflict in Fragile States: The Case for Pragmatic Solutions: In collaboration with Brian Ganson of the University of Stellenbosch Business School, Achim Wennmann published a new book in the Adelphi Series of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

Geneva's Role in Peace Diplomacy: A talk about the history and future of this city's role in peace diplomacy given to a global gathering of TEDx organisers at the Graduate Institute.

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