Hannah Dönges

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Hannah Dönges
Doctoral Researcher

Email:  hannah.donges (at) graduateinstitute.ch
Phone: +41 (0)22 908 58 83


Hannah Dönges is a Doctoral Researcher at the CCDP and a PhD Candidate in International Relations/Political Science at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. She has been awarded the Doc.CH scholarship by the Swiss National Science Foundation for her dissertation research, which focuses on protection of civilians in armed conflicts.

Hannah holds a Master’s degree in International Relations/Political Science from the Graduate Institute and has further studied at the George Washington University (graduate exchange), Passau University (B.A. in European Studies) and Sciences Po Toulouse (Certificat d’Etudes Politiques).

Prior to joining the CCDP, Hannah has worked with the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey on several publications related to small arms, armed actors, and armed violence. She also collaborated with the Nairobi-based Africa regional office of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue on mediation in armed conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as with the Brookings Institution and the European Council on Foreign Relations on transatlantic relations and security politics.

Field(s) of Interest:
  • UN peacekeeping and humanitarianism
  • Sub-Saharan Africa, in particular South Sudan
  • Civil-military relations in conflict interventions
  • International bureaucracies, norms and practices
  • Aspects of armed violence, including armed violence monitoring as well as armed violence prevention and reduction strategies
  • Non-state armed actors and discourses on terrorism
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