Souhaïl Belhadj

Souhaïl Belhadj
Research Associate
Contact: Email: souhail.belhadj (at)
Biography: Souhaïl Belhadj holds a PhD in Political Science, at Sciences Po Paris. His current research concentrates on the political transition process in Syria and Tunisia, with a focus on the recomposition of political institutions. He previously worked on Syria's political leadership, on which he published the book La Syrie de Bashar al-Asad. Anatomie d'un régime autoritaire (Belin 2013). Other areas of his research include the structures of authoritarian states in the Middle East and North Africa as well as the question of rules in the political and procedural context of Baathi Syria, in particular the Syrian Parliament. During his Master's studies in History, he wrote on the mobilisation of clerics by Tunisian nationalist leaders during the time of the French protectorate.
Selected Publications:
  • La Syrie de Bashar al-Asad. Anatomie d'un régime autoritaire. Belin, 2013.
  • Décentraliser dans la Tunisie post-autoritaire: l’émergence d’un pouvoir local face aux limites du consensus sécuritaire. Working paper. Centre on Conflict Development and Peacbuilding, Geneva. September 2018.
  • Sectarianism and Civil Conflict in Syria: Reconfigurations of a Reluctant Issue, in Paola Rivetti and Hendrik Kraetzschmar, Transformation of Political Islam. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, June 2018. (With Laura Ruiz de Elvira)
  • L’appareil sécuritaire syrien, socle d’un régime miné par la guerre civile. Confluences Méditerranée. Vol 2-n° 89. 2014.
  • North Africa: Regional perspectives for the White Paper on Peacebuilding. White Paper Series, Geneva Peacebuilding Platform. Genève. (en collaboration avec Riccardo Bocco). December 2014.
  • Démocratie, famille et procédure : ethnométhodologie d’un débat parlementaire syrien». Revue européenne des sciences sociales (Cahiers Vilfredo Pareto), XLV, 139.2 – 2007 (en collaboration avec B. Dupret et J-N. Ferrié).