Patricia Vasquez

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Patricia Vasquez
Research Associate

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With over 20 years of experience, Patricia I. Vasquez currently works independently on issues related to governance, conflicts, rule of law, and ethnic issues associated with the extractive industries - primarily oil and gas in Latin America and East Africa. She works regularly for various organisations such as the World Bank, UN agencies, and the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Prior to that, she was a Jennings Randolph senior fellow at the U.S. Institute of Peace, where she worked on her recently published monograph Oil Sparks in the Amazon: Local Conflicts, Indigenous Populations, and Natural Resources (University of Georgia Press). The book explores the dynamics of oil and gas-related conflicts in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Previously, Ms. Vasquez was the head of the Latin America department of Energy Intelligence, a consulting firm.

For more information, please read her CV.

Field(s) of Interest
  • Socio-economic impacts of extractive industries, particularly in producing areas
  • Decentralization processes around the development of extractive industries
  • Minority dynamics around extractive industries
  • Conflicts and natural resource developments
  • Socio-political dynamics around natural resource developments
Selected Publications:
  • Argentina’s Oil and Gas Sector: Coordinated Federalism and the Rule of Law. (Wilson Center: Washington, DC, 2016).

  • 'Oil Sparks in the Amazon: Local Conflicts, Indigenous Populations, and Natural Resources,' (University of Georgia Press: Athens, GA, U.S.A., 2014).

  • 'Kenya at a Crossroads: Hopes and Fears Concerning the Development of Oil and gas Reserves,' International Development Policy. Revue Internationale de politique de development (Online).

  • 'Comment to Arriagada, G. Energy in Latin America 2010-2020. Headed for a Lost Decade?' in Inter American Dialogue (ed.), The Americas in Motion. Looking Ahead. 30th Anniversary Sol M. Linowitz Forum. Commemorative Volume. (Inter American Dialogue: Washington, DC, April 2013).'Energy Conflicts: A Growing Concern in Latin America,' Hemisphere. Vol. 20. (Florida International University: University Park, FL, U.S.A., Spring 2011).

  • 'Brazil: The New Oil Giant' Country Forecast,' Latin America. Regional Overview. (The Economist Intelligence Unit. London, U.K., 2009).