Joao Terrenas

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Joao Terrenas
Junior Visiting Fellow


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Joao is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Politics of the University of York His project, funded by the Department of Politics at the University of York, investigates the transformative potential of research methods in the field of critical security studies. More specifically, his work sets out to expand the analytical, normative and transformative potential of ‘security as emancipation’, also known as the Aberystwyth School of security studies, through an engagement with sociological and anthropological methods of security research. At the University of York, Joao is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Department of Politics.

Before joining the University of York, Joao concluded an MA in Security Studies at the Department of International Politics of Aberystwyth University, where he was awarded the Alfred Zimmern Prize for best postgraduate achievement. Joao holds a BA in International Relations from the Institute of Social and Political Studies at the University of Lisbon. During his undergraduate studies, Joao worked as an intern for the Orient Institute and for the State-Building and Fragility Monitor. Apart from that, Joao was a research assistant and Executive Officer at the Observatory for Human Security, where he collaborated with Professor Marcos Farias Ferreira in the production of a participatory documentary and book chapter on the response of grassroots movements to the financial crisis in Portugal, as well as two articles on the visual politics of human security and Russian foreign policy.


Fields of Interest:

  • Critical security studies
  • Security as Emancipation
  • Health Security
  • Ethnographic methods and participatory research
  • Dissident Perspectives of International Relations