Hervé Hutin

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Hervé Hutin
Research Associate
Contact: Email: herve.hutin (at) univ-savoie.fr
Hervé Hutin obtained his PhD. in Economics in 2012 at the University of Grenoble where he worked as a researcher in political economy at the Creppem-Espace Europe Institute. His research interests focus on economic and institutional characteristics from pre to post conflict societies, specifically on the process of economic recovery and the configuration of reconstruction programs with an approach in terms of both political and institutional economy. In this respect, he is interested in the relationship between institutional capacities, security, aid efficiency and development. 
In 2003, he created and was responsible for the master degree « Crisis analysis and humanitarian action » at the University of Savoie, where he is currently an Associate Professor teaching economics, geopolitics and crisis analysis. He has also taught at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, HEC Genève, ESCP Paris, FSF Tunis. 
In the 1990’s while working with Ernst and Young, he studied the impact of foreign direct investment during the transition in Eastern Europe. Also, while responsible for the department of Economics and Finance at the Institut Français de Gestion, he was awarded the Special prize for the best book on financial economics by the Institut de Haute Finance under the auspices of the French Ministry of Economics and Finance. 
Since 1988, Hervé Hutin has completed over twenty humanitarian and human rights missions, specifically in conflict or post-conflict countries (especially Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Pakistan, Kosovo and the Ukraine) with NGO’s as well as with the OSCE. Additionally, he is a board member of Solidarités International.
These diverse experiences and his multi-disciplinary background facilitate relations with other academic fields. He holds diverse degrees in the following: a MA in Political Philosophy from the Sorbonne University in Paris, a MA in Development and Civilization from the Panthéon-Assas University in Paris, a BA in Political Sciences, a BA in Public Law and BA in Business Administration.
Field(s)of Interest:
  • The process of Economic Recovery in Post-Conflict Societies
  • Evaluation of Aid Efficiency
  • Configuration of Aid Programs
  • Institutional Capacities and Fragile States
  • Political economy of armed conflicts and post-war transitions
  • Afghanistan
Selected Publications:
  •  Efficacité des programmes de reconstruction dans les sociétés post-conflictuelles, (Efficiency of recovery programs in post-conflict societies). Doctoral thesis under the supervision of Pr J. Fontanel, completed at the Université de Grenoble, 2012. 512 p. Very honourable distinction with unanimous congratulations from the jury. Qualified by the CNU. Selected by Le Monde as one of the 20 best doctoral theses for the “prix de la recherche scientifique” chaired by Pr Edgard Morin.
  • “The three paradoxes of aid and State legitimization in post-2001 Afghanistan”, in  Dijkema, Gatelier, Samson Tercinet, ed. Post-Crisis State Transformation, Bruylant Publishers (Belgium), 2012, pp 321-339.
  • “La sécurité internationale et le conflit afghan: une analyse en termes de Statebuiding et de seuil de capacité institutionnelle”, (International Security and the Afghan Conflict: an analysis of State building and institutional capacity thresholds) in J. Fontanel (2010) Economie Politique de la Sécurité Internationale, L’Harmattan, pp 131-155.
  • « Refonder l’État et garantir l’efficacité de la reconstruction : incidence de la prolifération des acteurs civils non-combattants », 23 p, actes du colloque « Combattants et non-combattants dans les conflits contemporains », 24 mai 2013, Ministère de la Défense, Rectorat-Ministère de l’Education Nationale.
  • Effets pervers constatés à l’occasion du déploiement des acteurs internationaux dans le cadre de la reconstruction de pays sortant de conflit armé civil : analyse et recommandations, analysis note for M. P. Canfin, Minister in charge of  Development, 19 p., september 2013.
  • Hervé Hutin, 2011, Le Triomphe de l’ordre marchand, l’Harmattan, collection Questions contemporaines, 264 pages.
  • Hervé Hutin ed., 2010, Toute la Finance, Editions d'Organisation, 1156 pages (4e édition). Prix spécial du meilleur livre d'économie financière en 1998 décerné par l'Institut de Haute Finance sous l'égide du Ministre de l'Economie et des Finances.