Fritz Brugger

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Fritz Brugger
Research Associate



Fritz Brugger is co-director of the Center for Development and Cooperation (NADEL) at ETH Zurich and member of the “Swiss Minerals Observatory” Research Incubator at the Institute of Science, Technology and Policy (ISTP) at ETH Zurich. He holds a PhD in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies. His research and teaching focuses on the governance and development outcomes of natural resource extraction, the political economy of international tax policy, and policy coherence for development.
Before joining ETH-NADEL, Fritz worked for eight years as deputy director of the Swiss NGO Helvetas and was independent consultant for bi- and multilateral development agencies, NGOs, and private sector companies on strategic issues in development cooperation for 12 years.

Field(s) of Interest
  • Natural resource governance
  • Illicit financial flows and the political economy of international tax policy
  • Policy coherence for development
  • Political economy of global governance
Selected Publications: