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Souhaïl Belhadj
Research Associate


  • Political leadership
  • Authoritarian states, transitional politics
  • Social conflict, ethnic and religious pluralism
  • Institutionalism, local government
  • Syria and Middle East politics
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Reda Benkirane
Research Associate


  • Digital humanities and new media
  • Complexity and interdisciplinary issues
  • Secularism
  • Contemporary Islam
  • Middle East and North Africa
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Camila de Macedo Braga
Research Associate


  • Peace and Critical Security Studies
  • Human Security in Peace Support Interventions
  • Peace process in protracted armed conflict
    • Case studies: Timor Leste, Darfur (Sudan)
  • Stabilization, resilience and responsibility to protect (R2P)
  • Post-armed conflict violence and conflict transformation
  • Fieldwork approach and qualitative analysis


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Ibrahim Saïd 
Research Associate


  • Legal and political anthropology 
  • Anthropology of policy 
  • Economic anthropology 
  • Evidence based interventions and policy evaluation 
  • Post-colonial and settler colonial studies/ colonial governmentality 
  • Social and solidarity economy 
  • Preventing violent extremism 
  • Israel Palestine/ Middle East and North Africa

Matteo Guidotti.jpg

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Matteo Guidotti
Research Associate


  • State building and governance
  • Political economy of state reforms
  • Policy implementation and evaluation
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Performance management and change management
  • Results-Based Management and theories of change


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Jerome Drevon
Visiting Fellow


  • Civil wars and insurgencies
  • Comparative politics
  • Contentious politics and political violence
  • Institutional and organisational studies
  • Islamist and jihadi movements
  • Middle East politics
  • Salafism
  • Social movement studies
  • Social network analysis.
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Elena Butti
Visiting Fellow

Email: or 

  • Youth violence
  • Marginalisation and exclusion
  • Peacebuilding
  • Children's rights
  • Ethnographic methods in high-risk settings
  • Participatory research with children and youth

Fritz Brugger cropped.jpg

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Fritz Brugger
Research Associate


  • Natural resource governance
  • Illicit financial flows and the political economy of international tax policy
  • Policy coherence for development
  • Political economy of global governance

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Susanna Campbell
Research Associate


  • Africa
  • Peacebuilding
  • Statebuilding
  • Conflict prevention
  • International organizations
  • Organizational and Institutional Theory
  • International Relations
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Benoit Challand
Research Associate


  • International aid for civil society in the Arab world
  • The role of civil society in conflict-transformation
  • Middle Eastern politics and society
  • Palestinian politics
  • Islamic social movements
  • Critical analysis of the representation of Islam
  • Understanding ethnocentrism in social sciences
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Delidji Eric Degila
Research Associate
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Armed conflicts and violence
  • Conflict prevention
  • Foreign policies
  • Governance
  • International organizations
  • International relations
  • Religion and politics
  • State-building / sovereignty
Alexandre Dormeier Freire.jpg
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Alexandre Dormeier Freire
Research Associate


  • Sociology of education
  • Sociology of war and violence
  • Education, violence, conflict, fragility and terrorism
  • Family violence
  • Development policies in fragile and protracted crisis contexts
  • Vietnam war
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Daniele-Enrico Fino
Research Associate


  • International aid system: actors, instruments, participation,North-South Relations, challenges, limits and problems, reforms
  • Strategic management in development contextes: identification, planification, monitoring, evaluation, negotiation
  • Articulation between development aid and humanitarian aid
  • How to support micro-finance by the aid system
  • Capacity building / Role of adult training for development
Brian Ganson_resize_crop.jpg
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Brian Ganson
Research Associate

Phone : +1 617 934 1967

  • Business engagement in fragile environments
  • Organizational capabilities for effective engagement in post-conflict and other complex environments
  • The impact of donor policy, priorities, and recipient relations on the effectiveness of local efforts at the intersection of peacebuilding and development
  • Rights compatible, interest-based approaches to the settlement of company/community conflicts
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Claudie Fioroni
Research Associate


  • Critical political economy of the Middle East
  • Neoliberalism
  • Anthropology of mining
  • Anthropology and sociology of work
  • Anthropology of development
  • Anthropology of the state
  • Socio-technical approach
  • Ethnography
Annette Idler 2015.jpg
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Annette Idler
Research Associate


  • Interactions and trends among violent non-state actors
  • Nexus of conflict, security and transnational organised crime
  • Illicit drug trade and drug policy
  • Conflict prevention and peacebuilding
  • Borderlands
  • Colombia's armed conflict and citizen security in Latin America

Steffen Jensen1.png 
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Steffen Jensen
Research Associate


  • Conflict and violence
  • Torture and state violence
  • Displacement and refugees
  • Documentation and knowledge production in human rights
  • Urban and rural politics
  • Gangs, militias, vigilante groups and police
  • Corruption and violence as exchange relations
  • Development and human rights
  • Regional specialization in South Africa and the Philippines and secondary in Algeria and Denmark
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Moncef Kartas
Research Associate

Phone : +41 (0)22 908 44 69

  • The role of armed and security forces in post-colonial state formation and politics
  • The link between security and development (peacebuilding and conflict transformation; urbanisation and violence; informal economy, trafficking and borders)
  • The politics and public management challenges of security sector reform and community engagement
  • Political violence, armed groups and violent extremism
  • North Africa and the Sahara-Sahel
  • Rwanda, Madagascar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
Brian McQuinn_resize_resize_crop.jpg
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Brian McQuinn
Research Associate

Phone:+41 (0)78 915 2412

  • Social cohesion of civil war armed groups, specifically the social practices and organizational structures shaping the social morphology of non-state armed groups in civil wars.
  • Anthropology of contemporary armed conflict
  • Micro-foundations of civil war
  • Applied conflict analysis in conflict prevention and peacebuilding

Derek B. Miller.jpg
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Derek B. Miller
Research Associate

Phone: +1 617 440 4409

  • Administrative behavior
  • Evidence-based policymaking
  • Cultural research
  • Comparative ethics
  • International Relations
  • The Middle East
  • Countering violent extremism
150x100 Agathe Mora.png
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Agathe Mora
Research Associate


  • Legal and political anthropology
  • Administrative and international law
  • International institutions and corporations
  • Regulatory spaces and audit bureaucracies
  • Extractive economies and commodity trade
  • Human rights
  • Property
  • Europe, Kosovo, India
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Robert Muggah
Research Associate


  • Security promotion and armed violence reduction in complex environments
  • Risks and responses to population displacement and resettlement
  • State-building, stabilization and fragility and the political economy of securitization
  • Urbanisation and forms of institutional resilience
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Thania Paffenholz
Research Associate

Phone : +41 (0)22 908 57 42

  • International and local Intervention strategies in peace processes
  • Civil society in peace processes and political transitions
  • Research-policy transfer in peace research
  • Development- peace-conflict nexus
  • Evaluation in peacebuilding
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Stéphanie Perazzone
Research Associate


  •     International security promotion
  •     Peacebuilding / statebuilding
  •     Disarmament, Demobilisation, Reintegration (DDR)
  •     Urban studies
  •     Anthropology of the State
  •     Africa's Great Lakes Region
  •     Democratic Republic of Congo
Larissa Rhyn 100x150.jpg
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Larissa Rhyn
Research Associate


  • Disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration
  • Internal armed conflict
  • Post-conflict issues
  • Latin America (Colombia and Argentina)
  • Violent extremism

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Matthias Rieger
Research Associate


  • Impact evaluation
  • Field experiments and behavioral games
  • Applied microeconometrics
  • Free trade agreements
  • Refugees and illegal migration
  • Landmines, civil war, terrorism
  • Dynamics of child health
  • Community-driven development
  • Witchcraft
Emilio Triocci Rodriguez.jpg
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Emilio Rodriguez-Triocci
Research Associate


  • Conflict, violence, and crime in Latin America
  • Peace negotiations, transitional justice, and human rights
  • War, state-building, and the law and politics of intervention
  • The political economy of armed conflicts
  • Regional powers, security, and war
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Alaa Tartir
Research Associate


  • Political Economy of development and international aid
  • State-building and governance in conflict-affected areas
  • Security Sector Reform and securitised development
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Political Economy of the Occupied Palestinian Territory
  • Palestinian politics
  • Arab-Israeli conflict
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Jordi Tejel
Research Associate

Phone: + 41 (0)22 908 62 19

  • History of the contemporary Middle East
  • Colonialism in the interwar era
  • Nationalism, minority conflicts, and political arrangements as a tool for conflict resolution in plural societies
  • Social mobilization, in particular student movements in the Middle East
  • State-building and Trans-border relations
  • Bordering processes and "frontier effects"
Koenraad Van Brabant.jpg
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Koenraad Van Brabant
Research Associate


  • Strengthening governance relationships through participatory approaches and civic engagement
  • The role of the private sector in conflict, peace and governance
  • Contextual understanding and evaluative thinking in process and programme management
  • Strategic management for international development cooperation organisations
  • Enablers and obstacles in collaborative actions
Patricia Vasquez.jpg
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Patricia Vasquez
Research Associate


  • Socio-economic impacts of extractive industries, particularly in producing areas
  • Decentralization processes around the development of extractive industries
  • Minority dynamics around extractive industries
  • Conflicts and natural resource developments
  • Socio-political dynamics around natural resource developments
Robert Watkins 100x150.jpg
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Robert Watkins
Research Associate

  • New approaches to Peacebuilding
  • Role of Land Ownership in conflict settlement
  • Digital literacy in the Prevention of Violent Extremism
  • Mediation
  • Role of the UN in World Politics, Conflict Prevention & Peacekeeping
JPZ pass pic-resize112x150-crop100x150.jpg
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Jean Pascal Zanders
Research Associate

Phone: +33 6 4549 3262

  • Armament and disarmament dynamics
  • Terrorism
  • Foresighting analysis