24 July 2017

Two-day conference on SDG 16+

With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in September 2015, the international community is preparing to shift gears towards implementation. The key principle of implementation is ‘localization’ which means that solutions should take effect as closely as possible to local contexts. Implementation should also involve cross-cutting partnerships given that the problems are too large to be dealt with by any single actor, and new resource mobilization models to finance the degree of change necessary to achieve the SDGs.

An important initiative for SDG 16’s goal of peaceful, just and inclusive societies is the Pathfinders Process which promotes a vision of SDG 16+: a more holistic understanding of SDG16 that includes relevant targets and indicators from other SDGs. The Solutions Forum on SDG 16+: Towards Implementation, held on the 29-30 May, aimed to build ownership and support for the roadmap and, looking ahead, to launch reflection on how to best implement SDG 16+’s goals.

Using a mix of plenary and workshops (find the program here), the meeting looked closely at how those working in different contexts and regions to build peaceful societies can better replicate and transfer programs and scale up good work, and more effectively address value for money in SDG 16 programming. These implementation challenges are essential to achieving advances on all of SDG 16+’s goals, including the goal of realizing peaceful societies.

The Solutions Forum represents a civil-society led gathering under the overall responsibility of the Graduate Institute’s CCDP. The meeting was produced in collaboration with NYU-CIC and relevant research and policy programmes and institutes in Geneva’s Maison de la paix and with the support of Switzerland.