Wednesday 20 March 2019, 16:15 - 17:30

Grounding Theories: Methodological challenges of studying State and Legitimacy in (post-)conflict contexts

CCDP Seminar Series 2

Venue: Petal 1, Room 847, Maison de la Paix

The CCDP Research Seminar Series showcases the latest work of CCDP researchers and affiliates, including doctoral candidates at the centre, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty members. The Spring 2019 series includes presentations of work at the empirical and theoretical forefront of research exploring the complex relationships between security and development. All seminars take place between 16:15 and 17:30 and will be followed by informal drinks.

CCDP Research Seminar Series II features: Dr. Stéphanie Perazzone and Senior Lecturer Didier Péclard

When the units of analysis and analytical concepts we aim to dissect or interrogate are inherently challenging to grasp, define and articulate clearly, or are construed as dynamic processes in the making, how do we imagine our research designs, what methods can we utilize , and how will these connect back to our initial research questions or hypotheses? Most importantly, how will the methods, tools we select and methodological perspectives we probe will assist us in giving theoretical texture, analytical content and contextualized meaning to historical and diffuse phenomena such as "legitimacy" and "the state" in (post-)conflict environments?

Senior lecturer Didier Péclard, who is working on the continuities of civil war and rebel governance in Angola, Ivory Coast and South Sudan, and Dr. Stéphanie Perazzone, who is studying state theorizing in the Democratic Republic of Congo, will discuss, respectively, the ways elusive notions  such as "legitimacy" and "statehood" can be seen, captured and ultimately, re-conceptualized, via the concrete combination of various qualitative methodological approaches and tools that borrow from a large range of disciplines within social scientific works. 

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