Wednesday 19 November 2014, 12:30 - 14:00

Broadening Participation in Peace Processes: Does it contribute to sustainable peace?

A Geneva Peace Week Event

Research and publication launch

Auditorium A1B, Maison de la paix, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2, Geneva


The Graduate Institute’s Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding (CCDP) has just finalised a research project on “Broadening participation in Track One peace processes and political transitions”. This comparative analysis of 40 case studies presents the most extensive research to date on this topic, answering questions such as:

  • What are the factors contributing to the quality and sustainability of peace agreements and political transitions?
  • How can broader participation of diverse voices be organised without reducing the effectiveness of the negotiations?
  • Which actors have been included with what kinds of results?

A guidance note for mediators based on preliminary findings was published earlier this year by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue in its “Mediation Practice Series”. This event, jointly hosted by the Geneve Peacebuilding Platform, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue and the CCDP, will launch this publication and discuss the final research results of the project in a moderated panel discussion.



  • Dr. Thania Paffenholz, Senior researcher and Project Coordinator, Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding at the Graduate Institute
  • Dr. Katia Papagianni, Director, Policy and Mediation Support, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, Geneva
  • Roxaneh Bazergan, Mediation Support Unit, UNDPA, New York


  • Dr. Achim Wennmann, Coordinator, Geneva Peacebuilding Platform


Please click here for full biographies of participants.

This event is part of the Geneva Peace Week.

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