Recruit at the Institute


We provide numerous opportunities for employers to meet our students throughout the year. There are several ways in which we help organisations achieve their recruitment objectives.  

Institute-wide or Targeted Job Announcements and Candidate Pre-selection Services

  • We publish your job and internship offers daily on our website (password protected pages)

  • We send a weekly newsletter to all of our students and recent graduates

  • We can send targeted communications according to your criteria

  • We can preselect potential candidates with the skills you are for looking on demand

These services are free of charge for international and non-governmental organisations.

Contact: Carine Leu-Bonvin

Pro-bono Research as Part of the Capstone projects

Two to four master students in their second year work together on a research subject defined by your organisation in collaboration with our faculty members who have expertise in the related area. The students spend roughly 100 hours each on the project between September and December.


In order to insure consistency in organisations’ relationship with the Institute, we encourage partnerships through the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) or other types of agreements. These can also include customised services.