08 March 2018

Everything you always wanted to know about fieldwork

On 2nd March, PhD students Juliette Ganne, Mira Fey, Vanessa Gauthier Vela and Laís Meneguello Bressan organised an afternoon of presentations and discussion around fieldwork methods.

Graduate Institute faculty and researchers, as well as experts from CNRS and University of Geneva, shared their experiences and fielded questions on issues such as access, positionality and ethics.

“As students, we talk a lot about methods, fieldwork and ethnography, and given the interdisciplinary nature of the Institute we felt it would be interesting to share knowledge between disciplines”, said Juliette (PhD in IR/PS).

“Institute professors told us about the methods they used for their own fieldwork, and students were able to ask about all they wanted to learn before, or during fieldwork”, said Laís (PhD in ANSO). “It was a great opportunity to meet Institute scholars who’re not otherwise in contact with, as well as from outside the Institute, and to have the opportunity to ask all the questions we think about when we’re preparing fieldwork, added Vanessa (PhD in IR/PS).

Juliette, Mira, Vanessa and Laís have created an open shared library with bibliographic references to fieldwork methods, for all students to access. Simply go to zotero.org, click on “Groups” then Search for Groups” and type “On Fieldwork”.

Learn more about the event in the short video below.