27 October 2017

Susanna Hecht: Trump’s climate denialism producing devastating consequences

Institute professor Susanna Hecht has warned that Donald Trump’s policies on the environment and climate change will produce serious global repercussions.

In a presentation at Maison de la Paix, Professor Hecht, who is co-director of the Graduate Institute’s Centre for International Environmental Studies, said that “since taking office, President Trump has sought to reverse more than 50 environmental regulations, on issues such as offshore drilling, mining, hunting, emissions standards, fracking, pesticides, flood defences and methane reporting.”

“Trump and Vice President Pence feel climate change is a lie put out to damage the US, and most of the cabinet are either climate deniers or very high on the scepticism scale. Equally damaging, the second and tertiary tiers of government are awash in climate denialism.”

“We’re looking at a really serious rollback on environment and climate, at a time when unprecedented environmental catastrophes have been stimulated or enhanced through processes of climate change.”

You can watch Professor Hecht’s briefing below.