30 May 2017

MAT- boosting access to medical anthropological knowledge

Graduate Institute faculty and students are working to develop Medicine Anthropology Theory (MAT), the world’s only open access journal in the anthropology of health, illness, and medicine. 

MAT, which is supported by the Graduate Institute and the University of Amsterdam, began life in 1989 as the Dutch journal Medische Antropologie before being re-launched as MAT in 2013 by founding co-editors Vinh-Kim Nguyen, Professor of Anthropology and Sociology of Development at the Graduate Institute and Eileen Moyer, Associate Professor of Urban and Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.

“MAT is a crucial resource for anthropologists and health practitioners who cannot access increasingly expensive social science and health journals”, says Prof. Nguyen . “It publishes a wide range of original articles, essays, and reflections that offer unique insights into how medical anthropologists use theoretical approaches in the field, how novel empirical problems inform conceptual work, and the challenges and rewards of interdisciplinary collaboration. Conference reviews, reports on research in progress and recent dissertations give readers a broad sense of where the field is going.”

Graduate Institute students Rosie Sims, Lauren Riggs, Kwaku Adomako, Gabriela Hertig and Andri Tschudi (pictured with Prof. Nguyen) are working to consolidate the journal’s early success, as it becomes indexed alongside major journals and develops a more dynamic and interactive website and a broader range of content to respond to a growing global readership.

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