28 September 2017

Institute launches MOOC on Global Governance

70th session of the UN General Assembly

Each year, millions of participants attend meetings on major issues such as climate change, trade, investment, migration and security. Many meetings occur under the auspices of international organisations, and in accordance with rules from thousands of international treaties. How do we make sense of all these initiatives to make the world a better place?

Global Governance is a new, massive online open course (Mooc) led by Graduate Institute professor Cédric Dupont, which sets out to answer that question by providing learners with a compass to navigate our interconnected world.

“We will explore and navigate the complexity of international affairs, discovering the visible and the invisible in international processes of governance, evaluating the tractable and intractable dimensions of global problems and discussing the respective contributions of the public and private sector in providing responses to different challenges. Participants will identify a toolkit of global regulations and learn to use it to address complex problems.”

The course, provided in partnership with social learning platform FutureLearn, is designed for all students or professionals with an interest in global governance. It will run over four weeks during November 2017, combining video lectures, articles, discussions and interactive assignments. Registration is free and learners will be able to access the platform anytime.

The course is the Graduate Institute’s second massive online open course (Mooc), joining Globalisation, led by Professor Richard Baldwin, which begins its second run on 2nd October (you can sign up here). Learn more on the Graduate Institute MOOC page.