11 December 2017

Demo Day: Pitching innovative solutions to global problems

On 25 November, students and young professionals showcased innovative solutions to real world problems during the Collaborate for Social Impact (C4SI) Demo Day.

Students from a range of disciplines had spent two months working with international organisations and NGOs to develop solutions, which they presented at Demo Day before a panel of judges. The UN Environment, ITC, Project Integration and GCERF teams picked up special awards.

“Today was the culmination of a long process”, said C4SI co-director Avni Kumar (MDev ’18), “where students have been trained in problem-solving skills such as data visualisation, ideation and protyping, how to make ideas tangible to an audience and how to design a 5-minute pitch.”

“At the Institute we give a lot of academic presentations to our peers but at Demo Day you do it in front of professionals”, said C4SI co-director Shira Babow (MDev ’18). “It’s a very different environment and idea of what a presentation should be, and it really forces you to think about the structure of what you’re saying.”

The event was organised by Just Innovate, a non-profit educational organisation founded by Graduate Institute students in 2012 and which is devoted to fostering creativity and inspiring social innovation.

LEARN MORE: Follow Just Innovate on Facebook and watch a short video with Avni, Shira and their C4SI colleagues Agathe Schwaar (MDev ’18) and Ana Carlota Moura (MDev ’18).