22 June 2017

CERAH launches The Humanitarian Encyclopedia

On 13 June, the Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH), a joint centre of the Graduate Institute and University of Geneva, launched The Humanitarian Encyclopedia, a collaborative project to better understand humanitarian concepts and practices.

Professor Doris Schopper, Director of CERAH explained how the ambitious idea to create a common and living repository of knowledge on humanitarian action came about: "Our students are humanitarian professionals who come from all regions of the world. At CERAH they are confronted with the views of a wide range of academics and humanitarian practitioners. And this can lead to some confusion. For example, a central concept such as “Protection” is used in very different ways by ICRC, UNHCR, and MSF.”

Professor Schopper underlined that an academic institution like CERAH was ideally situated to take a scientific and neutral view on the commonalities and differences between concepts used in the humanitarian sector. “The Encyclopedia is about understanding those commonalities and differences in order for people to better collaborate and coordinate their work in the field.”

LEARN MORE: Visit the Humanitarian Encyclopedia or watch a short video with Prof Schopper below.