17 March 2017

Angelina Jolie speaks out for internationalism

On 15 March, Angelina Jolie, the world-leading actress and UNHCR Special Envoy, discussed the value and necessity of internationalism in an event organised at Palais des Nations by the Graduate Institute and the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation to honour the memory of Sergio Vieira de Mello, the U.N. diplomat killed in Iraq in 2003.

Ms Jolie criticised a “rising tide of nationalism, masquerading as patriotism, and the re-emergence of policies encouraging fear and hatred of others.” Describing herself as “a proud American and an internationalist”, she said “if governments and leaders are not keeping the flame of internationalism alive today, then we as citizens must. A world in which we turn our back on our global responsibilities will be a world that produces greater insecurity, violence and danger for us and for our children.”

Ms Jolie discussed the challenges of UN reform with Lyse Doucet, BBC International Correspondent and Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees. The event also featured a piano recital by Elisso Bolkvadze, UNESCO Artist for Peace.

You can watch a video of the event here.