29 October 2015

SanctionsApp 3.0 launched at the United Nations in New York

Professor Thomas Biersteker, Director of the Graduate Institute’s Programme for the Study of International Governance this week launched version 3.0 of SanctionsApp website to Permanent Missions to the United Nations in New York.

SanctionsApp is an innovative digital tool which provides real-time access to data and analysis of the 25 country-based targeted sanction regimes which the United Nations has applied since 1990. The app is built on research from 50 scholars and policy practitioners from around the world.

"In addition to making it available in the traditional report and scholarly publication form, we’ve made the research findings interactive, and available in real time”, said Professor Biersteker. “Since so much decision making is based on analogies from the past, it allows you to check boxes to identify  the kind of situation you’re facing and what sanctions you’re thinking of proposing. The app will then sift through our database to tell you which case episodes are most similar to your situation.”

Joining Professor Biersteker at the launch were H. E. Mr. Jürg Lauber, Permanent Representative, Mission of Switzerland; H.E. Mr. Gerard van Bohemen, Permanent Representative, Mission of New Zealand; and Mr. Justin Jepson, United Nations Political Affairs Officer, Security Council Affairs Division, Department of Political Affairs.

Using research findings published in SanctionsApp, the expert panel discussed the circumstances under which sanctions are most effective, the patterns and trends in sanctions design, and the different purposes for which sanctions have been used. They also debated how sanctions affect local populations, and relate to other sanctions regimes and policy instruments created to address contemporary peace and security challenges, provoking discussion about how the UN sanctions framework and committees might be improved going forward.

SanctionsApp has been developed by a core Graduate Institute research team containing Professor Thomas Biersteker, Marcos Tourinho, and Zuzana Hudáková, with funding from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

SanctionsApp is available for free download at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. See www.sanctionsapp.com to access the web portal.

Learn more about SanctionsApp in this video: