24 August 2015

Institute of International Law elects Professor as Secretary-General

Marcelo Kohen, Professor of International Law, was elected Secretary-General of the Institute of International Law this week, at the organisation’s 77th biennial congress in Tallinn. Marcelo Kohen becomes the fourth Graduate Institute Professor to gain this prestigious title, following Hans Wehberg, Paul Guggenheim and former Director Christian Dominicé.

Established in 1873 by Gustave Moynier – also co-founder of the Red Cross – the Institute of International Law secured its reputation promoting peaceful dispute resolution, human rights law and international law by winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1904. Its work was a factor in the 1899 Hague Congress and the formation of the League of Nations. Its membership is comprised of esteemed experts in international law from around the world, including the Graduate Institute’s former Director Lucius Caflisch and Honorary Professor Georges Abi-Saab.

The Graduate Institute and the Institute of International Law maintain a longstanding relationship of collaboration. The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Library of the Graduate Institute serves as repository for the Institute of International Law’s archives, cataloguing almost 150 years of international law.

Marcelo Kohen is an expert in international courts, armed conflicts and dispute settlement, with publications including Diplomatic and Judicial Means of Dispute Settlement (2013) and Promoting Justice, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution through International Law (2006).