Our Expertise

Our trainings are designed around individual topics or combinations of issues in world affairs relevant to your organizational needs. Our expertise lies in our ability to conceptualise, design and deliver programmes across all sectors for clients who need to build capacity in dealing with key global challenges, whether related to governance, policy, advocacy, development or other issues. We place particular emphasis on the intersection of markets, states and societies, where actors and agendas collide and where competition, collaboration and innovatation on key global issues occurs. 

Our programmes leverage our deep expertise on world affairs and our unparalleled network of international actors and influencers across all sectors. These experts develop in our participants deep thematic knowledge and superior analytical thinking combined with a rich suite of practical and professional competencies relevant for achieving individual and organisational objectives. Our trainings can be designed around an individual topic or a combination of themes in international affairs.

Examples of thematic and skills based expertise are listed below.


Thematic Expertise

  • International Trade and Economic Integration
  • Business and Public Policy
  • Global Governance and the Multilateral Agenda
  • Advocacy in International Affairs
  • Development Policies and Practices
  • Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding
  • Non-state actors and civil society
  • Managing Strategic Development Projects
  • Environmental Policy, Governance and Planning
  • Global Health
  • International Development and Cooperation
  • Human Rights
  • Finance and Development
  • Gender and Development
  • Migration and Refugees
  • International Law and Dispute Settlement
  • Humanitarian Law
  • Regulatory Environment


Skills-Building and Competency Based Expertise

  • Negotiations analysis and techniques
  • Strategic thinking, scenarios and critical analysis for world affairs challenges
  • Stakeholder management
  • Measuring development programmes:  impact evaluations
  • Management and Finance for development
  • Policy analysis & research
  • Development policies and practices
  • Problem-solving in complex environments
  • Influencing and advocating with a global agenda context
  • Strategic management of development projects
  • Intercultural communication
  • Research methodology