Our Clients

Our client portfolio regularly includes both public, private and non-profit organisations around the globe. A selection of programmes we have developed for our clients is listed below.


Global Agri-Business Corporation

 Programme Overview Business and public policy certificate training
 Programme Length Two month e-learning module plus two times three day sesssions
 Duration Multi-year delivery


Major Chinese Bank

 Programme Overview Senior management staff training on operations and skills in financial markets
 Programme Length Two weeks
 Duration Multi-year delivery



 Programme Overview Simulation on the policy-making process
 Programme Length Delivered during COP 12, Ankara, 2015
 Duration One time



 Programme Overview Impact evaluation workshop
 Programme Length Three days
 Duration One time


Civil Servants from a Major Asian Economy

 Programme Overview Bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade negotation agreements training
 Programme Length One month - three months
 Duration Multi-year delivery


Judiciary of Thailand

 Programme Overview International law and human rights/human traficking training
 Programme Length Two weeks
 Duration Multi-year delivery


Russian Presidential Academy (RANEPA)

 Programme Overview The effectiveness of government projects and programmes training
 Programme Length Two weeks
 Duration Multi-year delivery


Canadian Mission, Mission of Kingdom of the Netherlands & Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

 Programme Overview Women's rights training delivered in English and French, open to all diplomats
 Programme Length Two days
 Duration One time


Bangladesh Government

 Programme Overview Management and administration of public polcies training for government officals
 Programme Length One day sessions
 Duration Delivered ten times over the course of one year