Programme Content

This online course on NCD Diplomacy in a Globalized World provides the opportunity to learn from experts and diplomats and equip necessary knowledge and skills required to navigate multisectoral governance settings to tackle challenges of NCDs.

The course covers the most pressing matters in NCD diplomacy today and allows participants to explore the state, change and future of Global Health diplomacy for NCDs. It also goes ‘behind the scenes’ of key knowledge leaders working in this space. The course will:

  • Provide a foundation on basics of NCDs and diplomacy to course participants
  • Explore the changing landscape and context within which NCD diplomacy takes place as well as major levers that influence it
  • Introduce the complexity of key actor and sectors involved and their various interests
  • Reflect the needs of acting at multiple levels simultaneously
  • Identify the emerging opportunities for progress through demonstrating the needs to frame and engage in non-traditional NCD settings

Course Methodology

This course is comprised of five modules, and each module is designed with a series of conceptualized sessions with a wide range of international experts and leaders of their field. Participants are expected to be completing a number of course activities which include political briefing note, mapping exercise, and blog article.

Target Group

The target group includes decision makers, diplomats, and health experts who are and will be working in NCD settings


The primary goal of this course is to equip and further enable global diplomacy toward the mitigation and prevention of NCDs with a focus on new and emerging approaches and technologies.

Course Directors

  • Michaela Told, Deputy & Executive Director, Global Health Centre, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

  • Alessandro Demaio, Lecturer, University of Copenhagen