Multilateralism in Action

Navigate International Geneva with Agility





With this short intensive course, you will expand your skills and practice the mind-set to thrive in the current complex multilateral context.

  • Gain an elevated view of global governance processes
  • Develop a future-ready mind to anticipate upcoming transformations
  • Discover tools to innovate and find collaborative solutions
  • Increase your impact in negotiations and your ability to chair meetings
  • Engage, learn and network among fellow professionals from International Geneva and beyond




Anticipate transformations | Reframe the questions | Develop a strategy | Make an impact in negotiations




Diplomats who have recently arrived in Geneva or have been searching for new solutions to make a difference in their daily practice. The course is also open to professionals in international organisations who frequently participate in policy-making discussions and negotiations in Geneva, or are likely to do so in the near future.





Multilateralism on the Horizon
16 Oct - 2 Nov 2018 (2 hours of work/week)

  • Dive into global governance and diplomatic practice in a multilateral context
  • Instructor: Prof. Cédric Dupont, Graduate Institute


Day 1 - Deal Efficiently with Complexity
6 Nov 2018

  • Discover and experiment tools to navigate and develop strategies in diplomatic context
  • Instructor: Valérie D’Hoedt Meyer, Deputy Director, Executive Education

Day 2 - Infuence Meetings, Chair and Deal with the Chair
7 Nov 2018

  • Build on your existing capabilities to fine-tune strategies to influence meetings outcomes
  • Learn by doing and leave with the confidence to put your new skills into practice
  • Instructor: Bob Weibel, Founder CENAD & Lead Trainer & Expert in Negotiation for our Executive Master in International Negotiation and Policy Making