The LL.M. Programme




The structure and content of the LL.M. in International Law reflects the development of public international law in practice over recent years. There is an increasing need for international lawyers to master not just one specialty area in the field but also the core foundations of the international legal system, which in turn will allow them to adapt to different specialty areas.

The Programme comprises both compulsory and elective, general and specialty international law courses. Not only does this provide students with a firm basis in public international law, but it also permits them to engage with the areas of international law that interest them most. In addition to their international law courses, students also have the opportunity to discuss legal problems in masterclasses, develop their professional skills in practical workshops and write an LL.M. paper on a topic within their specialty stream. Moreover, LL.M. participants undertake real legal work for a client as part of a law clinic and gain exposure to leading practitioners through the intensive courses and guest lectures.


Programme Overview


General Courses

  • The Practice of International Law

  • Contemporary Issues in Public International Law I & II

  • Intensive courses


Specialty Streams

  • International Environmental Law and Governance

  • International Economic Law

  • Human Rights, Migration and International Humanitarian Law


Specialty Stream Elements

  • Masterclasses

  • Law clinic

  • LL.M. paper

  • Elective courses


Professional Development and Immersion

  • Workshops on practical knowledge, professional skills, and career development

  • Guest lectures, practitioner sessions, roundtables and institution visits 

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