Executive Course on Global Health Diplomacy

Next course will be held June 2019

Course Directors: Professor Ilona Kickbusch, Dr Haik Nikogosian and Dr Michaela Told

  • Intensive five-day course with world-renowned faculty and leading practitioners
  • Combine theory and practice through guest lectures, multi-stakeholder panels, role-play exercises and a negotiation simulation
  • Meet in the world's global health capital
  • Let by the Global Health Centre (GHC) 


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Diplomacy is undergoing profound changes in the 21st century – and global health is one of the areas where this is most apparent. The negotiation processes that shape and manage the global policy environment for health are increasingly conducted not only between public health experts representing health ministries of nation states but include many other major players at the national level and in the global arena. These include philanthropists and public-private players. As health moves beyond the purely technical to become an ever more critical element in foreign policy, security policy and trade agreements, new skills are needed to negotiate global regimes, international agreements and treaties, and to maintain relations with a wide range of actors. The course focuses on health diplomacy as it relates to health issues that transcend national boundaries as well as how they are being addressed by different groups and at different levels of governance.


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