Course Highlights

Executive Certificate  - Modules 1 & 2
Executive Master  - Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4

Executive Master and Certificate degrees offered. Upgrade from a Certificate to a Master within 3 years.


Module 1: Context, Actors and Strategy Development

2017 dates: 16 - 24 March 2017

2018 dates: 19 - 27 April 2018



Global agendas are influenced through a complex web of actors at global and regional levels.

  • Through an immersion into the politics, policy and history of advocacy and the role of international law, you'll develop the theoretical frameworks on which successful communications campaigns are built. Consolidating your learning with a two-day study trip to Brussels, you'll discover how theory is applied in practice in the context of the European Union, and become skilled at defining and achieving realistic communication objectives and strategic approaches.


Module 2: Tools and Communications Strategies

2017 date: 8 - 16 June 2017

2018 dates: 7 - 15 June 2018



In today’s information-intensive society in order to make an impact on your audience you need to generate immediate, strong and sustained connections using multiple varied channels.

  • Through a series of practical trainings and case-based approaches, you will be equipped with the techniques and leadership skills needed to execute successful advocacy campaigns. From the fundamentals of storytelling to crisis management, you will leave a master of clear and effective messaging able to effectively harness the tools of the trade to get your message out.


Module 3: Fundamentals of Global Governance

(Executive Master Only)
2017 dates: 15 August - 6 October 2017 (On-line)

2018 dates: To be confirmed (On-line)



Evolving systems of global governance emerge alongside an ever-changing geo-political landscape.

  • Gaining historical and regional perspectives to better understand contemporary dynamics in the international system, you will develop expertise on the actors, theatre and mechanics of global decision-making. You’ll leave with tools to apply this knowledge to a range of hot topics currently on the global agenda and those rising on the horizon, skilled at identifying areas for collaboration, conflict and enquiry.


Module 4: Policy and Decision-Making Processes and Tools

(Executive Master Only)
2017 dates: 10 - 20 October 2017

2018 dates: To be confirmed



How are policies made, how are they evaluated, who makes the decisions, and why?

  • Through case studies and scenario based role-play, you will deconstruct the policy making process to better understand the context within which policies get made, who influences the decisions, and how they are evaluated. Through a foresight scenario exercise, you will develop your own policy-making methodology to add to your toolkit, while honing your advocacy and communication skills.  You’ll leave skilled at assessing different options for action, better equipped to make considered decisions and leading your team to success.