Adaptive Leadership

5 Days to Transform your Leadership


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Become a leader who thrive in an environment of global uncertainty and rapid change. With this intensive course, you will develop the right mindset to come up with a vision, build trust and inspire your teams. 

  • Develop your leadership potential to the next level
  • Gain an elevated view and a future-ready mind to anticipate upcoming transformations
  • Master the tools to anticipate, innovate and find collaborative solutions




Embrace complexity | Reframe the questions | Anticipate transformations | Develop a vision | Foster creativity | Lead with care | Move on with personal challenge | Test ideas with peers



Executives and mid-career leaders from all professional backgrounds and sectors who want to

  • Transform into visionary leaders
  • Reinvent their professional path and lead with meaning
  • Share insights with peers around a personal challenge
  • Become a member of our vibrant, international community of practice