Applying Systems-Thinking to Sustainable Development


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How might an understanding of living systems help us coordinate effective responses to 21st century challenges?

Our thinking and actions on sustainable development are still tied to a mechanical worldview with its assumptions of linear cause-and-effect. That we are faced with a long list of issues competing for attention and resources should not be surprising. Can we shift our mindset - individually and globally - from survival to thriving? Join us for a day-long workshop that explores systems-thinking, and helps you map the connections among contemporary (wicked) problems and identify nodes that have the most potential for spreading desirable change. More info>



  • Become familiar with key ideas and insights from interdisciplinary research into living systems and explore their potential to transform sustainable development
  • Appreciate the inter-penetration of contemporary global issues and learn to identify points-of-leverage to bring about systemic change.
  • Engage with other professionals from across sectors who share a common ethos and aspirations for a better world

Guest Expert

  • Manoj Fenelon, is Associate Professor at The New School(s) of Strategic Design & Management (Parsons), Media Studies and Public Engagement in New York, and a guest lecturer at the Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies in Geneva. He is also a fellow (of social intra-preneurship) at the Aspen Institute and previously served as Director of Foresight and Innovation for PepsiCo.


Who should attend?

Professionals, especially those in areas related to sustainable development, interested in learning about systems-thinking and its usefulness in navigating complexity and ambiguity at work and in life.


How to register?

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May 23, 2018

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1 day
(09:00 - 17:30)

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300 CHF
(lunch provided)


Please make your payment using the Weezevent form below. You registration will only be finalised upon receipt of payment of the registration fee.  Limited number of seats available.

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