Effective Advocacy: How to Design your Strategy

Effective Advocacy - How to Design your Strategy

How to design and manage an effective advocacy campaign?

In a highly competitive environment, campaigners constantly strive to attract attention from their target audiences. In this context, an effective campaign requires a focused and strategic approach.

Why does strategy matter? Many campaigns fail because they lack focus. A strategic approach to advocacy is crucial to allocate resources where they deliver the highest impact.

This workshop will give you the tools to start designing, developing and running advocacy campaigns.

Key Takeaways

  • Define campaign objectives that matter
  • Experiment steps to develop an effective strategy
  • Learn how to set-up targets and objectives that are measurable
  • Gain practical skills through an immersive methodology

Guest Expert

Who should attend?

Any mid-senior to senior professional who currently works - or aspires to work - in advocacy in a global context.

It can especially benefit those with communications, legal, public sector and non-profit leadership backgrounds, as well as those in private companies, including those who oversee communications, public affairs or sustainability initiatives.

How to register?

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25 January 2019

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1 day  9:00-17:00

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300 CHF (lunch provided)


Please make your payment using the Weezevent form below. You registration will only be finalised upon receipt of payment of the registration fee.  Limited number of seats available.

If you have any questions please email: actiondays@graduateinstitute.ch