Sharpening Your Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Training Day


Negotiating for Impact


What tools, tactics and techniques will sharpen your negotiation skills?

This participatory, practice-oriented training identifies and builds on your existing capabilities to fine-tune negotiation strategies and “savoir-faire”, learn by doing and leave with the confidence to put your negotiation skills into practice.  More info>


  • See and hear yourself “in action”, identify “what works for you” and improve your performance self-confidence
  • Better identify strategies and tactics available to negotiating parties
  • Improve meeting-room efficiency for complex multi-issue and stakeholder environments”

Guest Expert

Who should attend?

Practitioner professionals from private, public and civil society sectors dealing with various international negotiation processes characterised by numerous meetings. Please note if you attended the March 15 Action Day, please do not register for this training.

How to register?

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19 June 2018

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1 day  9:00-17:30

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300 CHF (lunch provided)


Please make your payment using the Weezevent form below. You registration will only be finalised upon receipt of payment of the registration fee.  Limited number of seats available.

If you have any questions please email:


International Negotiation and Policy-Making - Executive Master (INP)