Beyond Digital - Integrated Approaches to Advocacy Campaigns

Leadership Action Day

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How should we deal with the complexity of communications and advocacy channels?

Target audiences are becoming increasingly overwhelmed in today’s world of information overload as multiple actors and stakeholders scream to attract their attention through all channels. More information frequently means less knowledge. In this complex environment, less might mean more and clear focus becomes paramount for success. This session explores how integrated approaches help to cut through the noise and influence the global agenda.



During this session participants will learn how to:

  • Define an integrated advocacy strategy
  • Use the new channels of communications and advocacy
  • Measure and evaluate successes of their influencing efforts


Guest experts

  • Dr. Lukasz M. Bochenek, Managing Director, Leidar Switzerland and Co-Director Executive Certificate Advocacy in International Affairs


Who should attend?

Professionals from all sectors responsible for:

  • Advocacy strategies and their implementation
  • Fundraising and communications
  • Public and governmental affairs management


How to register?

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23 March, 2018  

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1 day
(09:00 - 17:00)  

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300 CHF
(lunch provided)


Please make your payment using the Weezevent form below. You registration will only be finalised upon receipt of payment of the registration fee.  Limited number of seats available.



If you have any questions please email:

We look forward to seeing you at Villa Barton, 132 Rue de Lausanne, Geneva.