International Strategy & Adaptive Leadership


Why choose this programme?


Looking for an alternative to an MBA? This Master will bring you to a different level of leadership, one that focuses on impact and meaning.

  • Become a visionary leader, not a manager
  • Embrace complexity and radically reframe the questions
  • Develop an adaptive mindset to set a direction not a destination
  • Master tools that call upon imagination and creativity to develop a innovative vision
  • Experience a human-centered approach to leadership and test solutions - as well as yourself
  • Gain a holistic understanding of world dynamics and lead change in business and society  


Programme highlights

A tailor-made learning journey

Combination of building blocks | At your own rhythm

A broad array of topics to choose from

Geopolitics & global governance | Environment | Sustainable finance | Global health | Conflict and fragility | Development | Gender | Policy and decision-making processes

A portfolio of skills

Design thinking | Strategic foresight | Systems thinking | Advocacy | Multidimensional negotiation

Diversity in approaches and perspectives

Economic | Political | Social | Legal | Cultural

An intensive module on adaptive leadership

Inner agility | Complexity and question reframing | Vision building | Caring leadership


How to design your degree?


Each degree-granting programme of the Executive Education portfolio is a building block towards your Executive Master.

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Upon graduation from this programme you will receive a Master of Advanced Studies (60 ECTS) in International Strategy and Adaptive Leadership.

Contact us for guidance on programme design.


Who is this programme for?


Senior executives and mid-career leaders from all sectors and backgrounds who want to

  • Design their learning journey at their own pace as needs arise
  • Reinvent their professional path and become visionary leaders
  • Gain a holistic view of world affairs
  • Make a positive contribution to the world


Our network



Academia | Governments | Business | NGOs | Scientific experts

Alumni network

17'000+ Graduate Institute alumni | 110 nationalities among ExEd alumni alone