Tuesday 13 March 2018, 18:30 - 20:00

Into the future – what advocacy holds for us?

Panel of experts

Advocacy in International Affairs

Who influences whom, and why?

This is the very basic question of any advocacy campaign. Yet the answer becomes more and more complicated. We are now faced with multiple stakeholders and influencers. Social capital is not built anymore on who people are, but on what content they share. Are we moving towards channel-agnostic advocacy strategies? These are some of the questions and considerations that will be discussed by our panel of distinguished advocacy professionals.



  • Isaiah Toroitich, ADV '18, Global Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, ACT Alliance
  • Habib Turki, ADV '13, Regional Adviser - Middle East, International Road Transport Union (IRU)
  • Cécile Duprez-Naudy, ADV '17, Global Advocacy Lead for Public Affairs, Nestlé SA



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