Alumni News Archive

17 April 2018

Souvenirs de mes études à Genève

Yan Lan (PhD '91) est directrice générale et cheffe de Greater China Investment Banking, Lazard Lt.

11 April 2018

Featured Alumna

Azita Berar Awad (MIR '79) is former Director of the Employment Policy Department of the ILO.

10 April 2018

Réception annuelle à New York

La réception annuelle à New York a eu lieu le 5 avril au Links Club à Manhattan.

05 April 2018

Briefing session with Prof. Mohamedou at the Swiss Mission in...

Event co-organised by the New York Chapter and the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations.

05 April 2018

Connexion: linking students, alumni and employers in key job...

Connexion, the Graduate Institute Careers Forum, is bringing Graduate Institute students together with recruiters and with alumni to discuss employment opportunities within key job sectors. The event,...

04 April 2018

Pour sauver l’ONU

L’opinion de Marcel A. Boisard (PhD science politique), ancien sous-secrétaire général des Nations Unies. 

29 March 2018

How do we strengthen the fight against impunity?

How can international criminal tribunals and national governments work together effectively to fight impunity for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide? A recent PhD thesis argues that, contrary...

28 March 2018

Blockchain Research Accelerator

Benedikt Pollmeier (MIR ’08), a social entrepreneur driving innovations in developing countries.

27 March 2018

Organising rebellion: non-state armed groups under international...

The number of non-state actors, in the past not accountable for committing international crimes or violating human rights, is proliferating rapidly. As they are involved in the vast majority of today’s...