02 March 2018

Featured Alumnus

Stephen Yeboah (MDev ’14), co-founder and CEO of Commodity Monitor.

Stephen Yeboah is co-founder and CEO of Commodity Monitor, a tech-based business that uses data analytics to generate exchange of information on sustainable production, supply and consumption of commodities in Africa, including mining, oil and gas. He is an alumnus of Penplusbytes Extractive School, Researcher at the Center for Social Impact Studies, a research and advocacy non-governmental organization that promotes sustainable extraction of natural resources in Ghana.

Stephen has worked as a research consultant at the African Natural Resources Center of the African Development Bank (AfDB), where he assisted in projects such as value chain analyses and the use of financial modelling in Africa’s extractive sector.

He has ten years experience in research and policy analysis in Africa’s extractive sector, agriculture, energy, climate and was a Research Fellow at the Africa Progress Panel (APP), a non-profit chaired by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, from September 2013 to July 2016. At the APP he engaged in policy research, communications and stakeholder liaison at the highest level towards driving Africa’s agenda in agriculture, energy, climate, natural resources and sustainable development in the global context.

StephenYeboah_IHEID_Alumni_2.jpgHe has published more than 100 articles, blogs and papers on energy and climate, finance, agriculture, natural resources governance and sustainable development in Africa and holds a Master in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute. He is currently undertaking doctoral study at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP), University of Lausanne, Switzerland, researching politics, mining institutions and the outcomes on Ghana’s development.

In 2017, he was among the 10 LinkedIn Top Voices in Economy & Finance. Interview.

What Stephen talks about: “I write about Africa. I write about development. And I write about how to connect Africa and development,” he says. “I seek to discuss any political, social and economic issue that will bring improvement in the lives of people in developing countries, especially those in Africa.”

Favorite conversation starter: Stephen’s article, “Why reliable climate and weather data is key to Africa’s agriculture transformation”, represents the cross-section of his passion and his expertise. As a research consultant at the AfDB, Stephen looks at these issues daily: “There are incredible opportunities in Africa’s agriculture. But there are challenges, too”, he says.

What Stephen’s watching in 2018: “How the geopolitics of energy and resources will shape global discourse on economic development”.