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20 November 2017

PhD on the causes of witch trials in early modern Europe

Chris Hudson’s new dataset helps differentiate between causes such as economic, plague and war.

17 November 2017

PhD: How to address cross-border cartels in Latin America

Pierre Horna proposes solutions to younger and smaller competition authorities in emerging markets. 

16 November 2017

Réunion des anciens 2017

Toutes les photos… ou presque !

15 November 2017

PhD on designing and applying agricultural biosafety regulations...

Dr Diego Silva studies how biodiversity protection from GM crops can lead to paradoxical effects.

07 November 2017

L’égalité salariale hommes-femmes? Pas avant 2186

Saadia Zahidi (Master en économie internationale ’04) est responsable éducation, genre et travail et membre du Comité exécutif du Forum économique mondial (WEF)