If you are based in the capital of a country where we do not have many Alumni and you would like to represent the Institute, we can designate you as an Alumni Ambassador in your region. In this role, you would provide us with valuable assistance, notably in our recruitment of new students by informing them about our study programmes and by discussing your experience in Geneva, but also by supporting the Institute’s promotional activities, or by meeting with employers who could offer employment opportunities to our young graduates and PhDs holders as well as our older Alumni.

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Ratana Taing Cambodge

Kevin de Souza Canada

Benedikt Schoenborn Finlande

Adis Vila Floride, Etats-Unis

George Kwasi Agbenyegah Ghana

Masumi Patzel Guatemala

François Tea Guinée

Joanne O'Donnell Irlande

Alberto Zambon Italie

Kalybek Imashev Kirghizistan

Gjorgji Kostojchinoski Macédoine

Diana OviedoScheerllee Alfonso Flores Bermudez Nicaragua

Oluwole Akinsanya Nigeria

Federico Recalde-Ovelar Paraguay

Stefan Stantejsky Pologne

Herve Edongo Singapour

Benjamin Lephilibert, Naruedom Snitwongse Na Ayuthya Thaïlande