03 November 2017

Student success at FAO climate debate

A Graduate Institute student team won first prize at a debate on climate change and disaster risk in agriculture, organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Tatiana Guimarães Ferreira (MA International Law), Shanchuan Qiu (MA Development Studies) and Zhanara Kulanchiyeva (MA Development Studies) had to negate the debate’s motion “that there will be no sustainable food security without tackling climate and disaster risks together”, competing against a team from the Bern Institute of Applied Sciences.

“We only had two weeks to prepare, making it a very intense experience”, said Shanchaun. “It offered us a chance to share our own views and to do a lot of research into the topic.” Tatiana said “the debate was an opportunity to explore the many facets of the issue of pursuing sustainable food security, an issue which can’t be disassociated from our current global economic system.”

All three students are involved with the Graduate Institute’s Environmental Committee (EC), which brings together students interested in sustainability and the environment, acting as a forum for these issues both at the Institute and in International Geneva.

“The EC is very much involved in promoting sustainability and eco-conscious resource management”, says Zhanara. “Current projects include SCOOP, an initiative to promote local food produce, and Green Career Now, an event bringing students together with people working in the field of environment and sustainable development.”

LEARN MORE: Find out about the Environmental Committee’s initiatives here, and watch the video with Tatiana, Shanchuan and Zhanara below.