21 November 2017

Student stories: empowering women and children in Bolivia

Each year, talented students from Bolivia come to study at the Graduate Institute thanks to scholarships from the Simón I. Patiño Foundation. In addition to pursuing a Master in Development Studies, Pamela Michel Lizarazu is co-founder of LifeTime Projects, an association that works on human and social development projects through the support of international volunteers.

"I studied Political Science for my undergraduate degree in Bolivia, and was already interested in development issues, particularly relating to children, women and human rights. I then took a gap from studies and worked as a flight attendant, and the things I saw around the world made me want to return home and do something for my country."

"In 2014, I founded LifeTime Projects with an English/French friend, Laetitia Craig. I set up all of our programs in Bolivia and am responsible for all the on-site logistics. Among other activities, we organise projects on female professional integration, on raising awareness for environmental issues, on childhood empowerment and on helping orphans and children in difficulty."

"I’m also a cofounder of Colectivo G, a cross-disciplinary, civil society initiative that runs social projects that aim to promote Human Rights with a special focus on Gender issues, in Bolivia."

"Studying for an Interdisciplinary Masters at the Graduate Institute really suits my interests, and I’m learning a lot from the multi-cultural community in Geneva. I’m looking forward to going back to Bolivia and applying my new knowledge to scale up my projects, doing bigger things with wider networks."

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