05 September 2017

How to stay positive in the political dark ages?

Graduate Institute student Anthony Skews (Master in International Relations and Political Science) recently published his first book. Politics for the New Dark Age: Staying Positive Amidst Disorder shows how the partisan divide between right and left recurs in debates from civil rights, to inequality, economic growth, the environment and foreign policy. The book argues that in a ‘post-fact’, politically polarised era, voters appalled by the direction of political discourse respond to leaders and activists that articulate a cohesive and genuine progressivism.

A former diplomat with ten years experience, he is currently on sabbatical from the Australian government and working towards a dissertation applying evolutionary game theory to classical international relations problems such as the balance of power and alignment dilemmas. 

“After ten years in public service, the Graduate Institute was the ideal institution at which to take a mid-career break, reflect and finish the book. I was attracted to the Institute’s reputation for serious political science, its emphasis on research skills, and proximity to cutting-edge international issues in Geneva. Much of what I learned in my first year here is reflected in the book, and I anticipate that my dissertation will lay the groundwork for a more technical follow-up in a few years!”

Politics for the New Dark Age is currently only available in stores in Australia; but in Europe it can be purchased as an e-book from Amazon, iBooks and other retailers. Anthony is also blogging about the book.