18 October 2017

Geneva: The Habitats Within

The photography of Graduate Institute student Sharmishta Sivaramakrishnan (MA Development Studies ’18) is being showcased at an exhibition at the United Nations in Geneva. Geneva: The Habitats Within is a series of portraits of 16 individuals from different walks of life and different countries who have made the city their home or ‘habitat.’  

“It started as a personal photography project last November, three months after I moved to Geneva”, said Sharmishta. “These individuals have found pockets of this city that resonate with them and where they feel comfortable. I wanted to celebrate not only the natural and artificial landscapes of Geneva, but also how the city is able to accommodate people of so many diverse nationalities, personalities and identities.”

“For me, having always moved around and travelled, the project was a way for me to relate to Geneva and to find my own habitat through finding the habitats of other people.”

The exhibition was commissioned by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe  (UNECE) to celebrate World Habitat Day as a way to promote the Sustainable Development Goals and the Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing. You can view Sharmishta’s photos from 1 to 15 November at the Pregny Gate of Palais des Nations. Learn more in the video below.