24 October 2017

Following the Graduate Institute/Harvard Kennedy School dual master

Each year, the Graduate Institute and Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) propose a dual master programme designed for mid-career professionals interested in public service and global affairs. Students spend their first year following one of the Graduate Institute’s Interdisciplinary Master programmes, and Year Two following HKS’s Mid-Career Master of Public Administration. Montse Ferrer, a US-trained lawyer from Barcelona, Spain, is currently following the programme and spoke to us about the experience. 

“I’ve worked as a lawyer for eight years, spending four years in Asia, three years in the US and one year in Africa, mostly in the private sector. I felt I wanted to shift towards humanitarian law, the law that applies in the context of war. War is an ever-changing area of study and practice, and while I had the legal background, I didn’t have the substantive background.”

“The Graduate Institute/HKS dual degree really brings together theory and practice. My time in Geneva will let me delve into the substance of the law and how war has been changing. At Harvard I’ll get more of the practical side, turning theory into policy at the local level.”

“I’m very excited. It’s amazing how international the students at the Graduate Institute are, and being in Geneva gives me access to a network of international organisations that I believe will allow me to make a successful transition after I graduate.”

LEARN MORE: Applications are open for the 2017/18 academic year, and scholarships are available – full details are on our website. Watch a short video with Montse below.