PhD Programmes

The Institute’s PhD programme is of a statutory duration of four years. It gives students personal research experience and the opportunity to produce an original scientific contribution of high academic quality which often ends up being published. Throughout their studies, these young researchers work in personalised conditions and have access to financial and material resources as well as documentation permitting them to immerse themselves in their work.

Disciplinary specialisations


A one-year teaching programme, followed by the preparation of the formal thesis proposal; close interaction with the professors; access to extensive resources in terms of the documentation and expertise of International Geneva; the possibility of obtaining a position as teaching or research assistant and participating in the intellectual life of the research centres; support for participation in conferences and in the development of an international network.

Career Prospects

University teaching and research; research or expertise in think tanks, the media, international interest groups; executive positions in the world of international cooperation (international organisations, NGOs, public administrations with international scope) and international affairs (multinationals,finance sector, international legal or consulting firms).


  • Candidates must hold, at the very latest upon arrival at the Institute, a Master's degree in the relevant discipline.
  • Candidates applying for PhD programmes in international economics and development economics are required to have taken the GRE test.