Master’s Degree Programmes

The Institute’s Master's degree programmes are of a statutory duration of two years. They allow students to study a single disciplinary specialisation in greater depth, or to expand their knowledge through an interdisciplinary curriculum.

The second option is particularly appropriate for students who wish to embark on a career straight after completing their Master's degree. The first option makes it easier for students to pursue their studies at PhD level and allows them to benefit from the advantages of the Fast-Track Programme.

Interdisciplinary Master’s Degree Programmes

Disciplinary Master’s Degree Programmes


Students in the 3rd semester of a disciplinary Master’s degree programme can apply for fast-track admission to a PhD programme, allowing them to complete a Master’s degree and a PhD in five years instead of six.


  • To be accepted by the Institute, applicants must hold, at least receive upon arrival, a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, in a discipline in social sciences relevant for their study programme.
  • Professional experience or extracurricular activities such as work experience or voluntary work are not compulsory, but can be an asset.
  • Candidates applying for the Master in International Economics programme are required to have taken the GRE test.


  • Training by renowned experts in international relations and development studies
  • close relationships between students and teachers
  • the possibility of being selected to spend the third semester at a partner university
  • access to work experience or part-time jobs in International Geneva

Professional Prospects

Executive positions in the field of international cooperation, international affairs or the analysis of international life (international relations, development policy).