The Academic Platform Switzerland UN is a network that aims to reinforce cooperation between academia, international organisations and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs on issues related to the United Nations.

Its primary objectives are:

  • to incite academics to study questions relating to the United Nations, encourage and support dialogue and research on United Nations related issues.
  • To highlight and promote the academic expertise on United Nations related issues available in Swiss Universities and reinforce exchanges between Universities and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs to reinforce Switzerland's active role in the UN arena.

To this end, APSUN implements the following activities:

  • Organisation of conferences, with the participation of experts drawn from international organisations, governments and civil society;
  • Distribution of yearly Essay Awards submitted by bachelor, master and doctoral students on a topic related to the United Nations;
  • Provision of expertises at Swiss Universities by UN experts, UN staff, academics, members of the Swiss Government working closely with the UN;
  • Support of students' initiatives and associations linked to UN issues;
  • Partnership with other research groups on the United Nations.

More information about the mission of the Academic Platform


The network is open to every interested person studying or pursuing a professional activity related to the United Nations.

Participation in the APSUN network is free and mainly intended for individuals. Interested persons can adhere to the network by a simple declaration, sent to the Secretariat : apsun@graduateinstitute.ch

Organisations and associations working in the realm of the United Nations and interested in participating in the activities of the network are kindly invited to communicate their interest to the Secretariat by email: apsun@graduateinstitute.ch


The Academic platform is led by a Council, which is the principal driving force of the network.

More information about the Council and its members